Goals and Problems

The scientific journal "Professional Art Education" is organized with a purpose of highlighting a wide range of actual problems of art and art education development, introduce the readers to the achievements of Ukrainian and world art science, history, and artistic and aesthetic practice.

        The feature of the journal "Professional Art Education" is the support of scientific and analytical works of young scientists, including masters and graduate students. The journal is guided by the international standards of review and publication. The texts in the original language of the articles and the extended summary in English are presented in open access on the website of the journal.

            The tasks of the journal are aimed at:

  • publication of scientific results on the expansion, improvement and presentation of innovative research of art education and related fields;
  • expansion of collaboration with foreign scientific publishing organizations;
  • improving the culture of reviewing and annotating materials to be published;
  • adherence to editorial ethics.

The "Professional Art Education" is focused on scientists, experts and practitioners of contemporary art, for domestic and foreign art historians, who deal with history, contemporary art and the latest methods of studying art, to the general public of his fans.

The main thematic areas of the journal are:

  • historical retrospective of art education (historical development of art as a special form of creative human activity; the origin and evolution of the content of art education in the system of professional training of artists; world and national cultural and historical traditions of the development of art education, etc.);
  • theory and practice of general art education (the interconnection between theories of art and methods of artistic and aesthetic education, the influence of art on personal development, the methodology of art education in the system of professional training, self-improvement, art and creative activities, etc.);
  • innovative trends in the context of the development of modern art education (integration of arts in education, innovative concepts of artistic and cultural paradigms, multicultural approach in art education, improvement of modern methods and technologies of teaching arts in the system of extracurricular, general and vocational education, etc.).