Obligations of process participants

  In order to harmonize the rules of ethical conduct of all parties involved in the process of publishing the manuscript of the article:

Authors of the articles are obliged to:

  • provide novelty, authenticity and originality of the research results, all materials of other authors to draw up with the exact guidance of these authors and primary sources;
  • avoid excessive borrowing and plagiarism in any form; to avoid autoblogy, to ensure that the article is an exclusive material and has not been previously published or proposed to another edition;
  • participate in the review process.

Editorial staff is required to:

  • treat the author and his scientific direction respectfully and correctly, keep editorial secret, prevent misconduct during the processing of materials;
  • do not correct the author's text themselves, the authors agree with the final version of the text after making editorial corrections;
  • prevent the publication of material unless they have scientific value, no match for the collection, contrary to its editorial policy and there is good reason to believe that articles contain plagiarism or have been previously published in other publications;
  • ensure the involvement of objective and competent reviewers, the practice of double-blind peer- review.

Reviewers are required to:

  • adhere to the review period set by the editors;
  • treat received for reviewing the manuscript as a confidential document, do not provide it for review to other persons; also written reviews is confidential;
  • do not use unpublished data from the manuscript;
  • provide an objective, reasoned and correct assessment of the results of the study.

Compliance with the rules of ethics of scientific publications by all participants in the publishing process helps to ensure the rights of authors to intellectual property, increase the quality of the publication and prevent the possibility of improper use of author's materials in the interests of individuals. However, the Editorial Board of the "Professional Art Education" encourages authors to adhere to the appropriate level of formal and ethical requirements for the preparation and publication of their own research.