1. Journal editorial board "Professional Art Education" adheres to copyright and exercises its powers within the framework of the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright".
  2. The authors have the right to submit original scientific articles containing the results of historical, theoretical or experimental studies of artistic education for the purpose of publishing to the issue "Professional Art Education" a publication for review.
  3. Authors must confirm that the submitted materials are not being considered in other editions and correspond to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements described in the Guide to the authors.
  4. Authorship should belong to those who have made a significant contribution to the development, design, execution or interpretation of the study. Anyone who has made a significant contribution must be registered as a co-author. All who participated in certain aspects of the research project should be named in the confirmation section.
  5. The author (s) of the article must sign and send the author's agreement for the publication of the materials to the journal editorial board. If the journal editorial board decides to reject the article, the aforementioned agreement is canceled and loses legal force.
  6. The author / authors reserve the right to:
  • use the materials of the article in whole or in part for educational purposes.
  • use the materials of the article in whole or in part to write their own dissertations.
  • use the materials of the article for the preparation of abstracts, conference reports, as well as oral presentations.
  • place electronic copies of the article (including the final electronic version downloaded from the official collection website) to: personal web-resources of all authors (web sites, web pages, blogs, etc.); web resources of institutions where authors work (including electronic institutional repositories); non-commercial open source web resources.
  • detect significant errors or inaccuracies in your own submitted (published) work and notify the editor of the journal or publisher for rejection or correction of the document.

In all cases, the availability of a bibliographic link to an article or a hyperlink to its electronic copy on the official website of the collection of scientific works "Professional Art Education" is mandatory.