Choral Genre and Style in the Context of the Modern Art Studies


  • Maksym Dzivaltivskyi H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University



choral performance, genre, style, Ukrainian choral culture, choral music, art studies


Object. The purpose of this article is to systematize art schools in relation to the definitions of choral genre and choral style. Methods. Traditional research methods: comparative analysis of scientific and musicological literature, analytical, historical, retrospective have been used. Results. Choral performance, as a part of the professional musical art, has evolved with the general principles of the development of the professional art in general. For many centuries certain norms have been developed in the choral performance practice. They corresponded to aesthetic ideas about the vocal sound quality. Approaches to the performance manner have been improved, the basic principles of professional training of choral singers have been approved. Of course, each national choral school has its own features in the performance style which reflects the temperament of the people, their character, traditions and other qualities. These subtle nuances that characterize the performance style are primarily associated with the peculiarities of the language of different peoples, its phonetics. For example, stable vocal traditions have been developed in the musical cultures of Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. However, in the XXth century, the trend towards eclecticism, the synthesis of cultural traditions, their interaction were so strong that the features which previously sharply distinguished one national school from another largely smoothed out. Therefore, the basic principles of vocal skills, which are to develop proper singing breathing, sound production, sound production and other vocal techniques, remain common to any choir. Conclusions. The great artistic possibilities of a unique musical “instrument” – a choir have been in the center of composers’ attention for several centuries. In addition, the great variety of forms of the professional choral performance has made it one of the most common types of musical art.


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Author Biography

Maksym Dzivaltivskyi, H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Teacher of the Department of Theory and Methodology of Artistic Education and Conductor-choral Training of the Teacher



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Дзівалтівський, М. (2020). Choral Genre and Style in the Context of the Modern Art Studies. Professional Art Education, 1(1), 50–57.



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